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    I commented on the previous post on this subject, but see that I needed to start another post of my own. So here goes..

    I agree with the folk here on the demerits of infinite scrolling or load more posts, though perhaps not as passionately! However, as the blog grows in content I can see it being a burden. It can clog up a bandwidth and mine here isn’t great, so it takes a while for the next set of images to load for me, and then going back to the homepage means I need to start again.

    Site is

    Could I possible page them after every few rows of images? My homepage is image heavy since I use Imbalance 2 so I feel there needs to be a cut off point, say after 3-4 rows.

    Thanks in advance..

    The blog I need help with is


    Infinite scrolling is designed to load 7 posts at a time. Since the posts load that way, it should already work to load only a couple rows of Imbalance 2 for each scroll. The amount of bandwidth should roughly be the same then for each new scroll as it was for paged views.

    To answer your question, there is not a way for you to make a cut of point after 3-4 rows, but that’s actually something similar to solutions we’ve discussed internally for the next iteration of the infinite scrolling feature. We’re listening to all of the feedback and working out what the best solutions should be. Our developers are working on it now, so we should hopefully have an update within the next few months. Based on everything I’ve heard, it sounds like interesting challenge. Your feedback is really relevant to our discussion. Thank you for posting it!

    I see that you’re currently using the “Load more posts” option, which I think is a good interim solution for now.


    Thank you for replying designsimply. Appreciate the work that’s going behind the scenes and that there will be more options to choose from in the near future.

    I personally find infinite scrolling irksome and to a lesser extent the ‘load more posts’ option. I have noticed that I can change the number of posts that are to be displayed so I can fiddle with that on my blog.

    Thanks for your help! Good luck with the new features :-)

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