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    Not only in my blog, but also in the WordPress FAQ blog itself. See it (as of 21:00 GMT/UTC -3) on:
    If you click the page number, it won’t show up. I tried it on Firefox 3 and IE 7. Just a moment’s bug?

    Thanks in advance,
    Phillipe from Brazil.



    Phillipe – I think you are in the wrong forum, if you are referring to the blog in your user name. We use different software here at wordpress.COM and our instructions may not apply to you. Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/


    Oh, no, I didn’t mean the blog on my profile. I administrate my teacher’s blog (which is, and that’s the one I’m having trouble with.



    Well, since this is the wordpress.COM forum, you might want to change your profile to include your wordpress.COM site. Makes it easier on volunteers in the forums.

    I don’t see a post on your blog that has the next page in it. (I do see the more tag.) Can you give us a direct link to a post where it is not working?


    And now that you gave us the link to the blog in question, do you expect us to go through all its posts and pages to find where you’ve got page splits? Link to the specific page, please!


    Ah, sorry Vivian – obviously your post wasn’t there when I typed mine.



    It’s called stereo :)


    I managed to edit the paginated posts I had. There might be some students accessing the site right now, and they have to lean on that content. Anyway, I did post a link to WordPress FAQ, that’s paginated itself. If you try and click the pages, as I said before, it won’t work, just like it wasn’t working on my blog.


    You’re right: I tried it in my test blog, and when you click “2” the proper URL (post URL plus “2/”) momentarily appears in the address bar, then the “2/” vanishes. Perhaps you should notify Support.


    Thank you very much. I’ve just sent the support a message on the issue.



    We are currently looking into this issue. I’ll post back here (and reply to all inquiries submitted to support) once it has been resolved. Sorry for the troubles.



    Okeydokey – all should be resolved. If you still experience the issue, please contact support.

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