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Pagination now working.

  1. Pagination is not working. I'm entering <!--nextpage--> in the text editor where I want my page break, but when I update the page, the code is visible and there's no page break.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried to enter the code in "Text" mode (on the upper-right of the post editor, as opposed to "Visual" mode)?

  3. I switched to text mode, but it yielded the same results. What I really want to do is create an ongoing series for one of my pages, and thought pagination would be a fun way to do it. Maybe there's another way?

  4. Hi Tony,

    I apologize for the delay; the notification e-mail ended up in my spam folder. Are you still having this issue? I see the pages working on the Ninjas page.

    My apologies again. If it's working, kindly mark this post as resolved. If not, could you try again on an "testing" page and leave the failure in place so I can take a closer look.


  5. Thank you; I would but I don't see where to mark the post as "resolved."

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