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    Does anyone know if the custom / free version of the Typo theme gives you a way around the inherent endless scroll through posts? Is it possible to feature pagination other than when readers see the url on a specific post rather than the blog url?

    The blog I need help with is



    The endless scroll is infinite scroll and it is not determined by the theme at all. It is not a theme dependent feature; it is a setting we can enable or disable. See here

    I do not understand what you are asking in your second sentence. Are you referring to next page pagination as described here?


    You can disable Infinite Scroll by flicking a switch in your dashboard. Please check this support document:



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    Thank you both of you, that disabling Infinate Scroll part was something I had overlooked.

    WordPress argues that Infinite Scroll tends to make your readers look through more posts so perhaps I should just keep it then. However, I’ve read elsewhere that Infinite Scroll will prevent search engines from indexing everything on your blog? Anyone here with this experience? If that’s the case I’m tempted to ditch the scroll…


    I’ve read elsewhere that Infinite Scroll will prevent search engines from indexing everything on your blog?

    Are you able to link the source of this information?

    I am a personal blogger and a WordPress volunteer so unlike professional bloggers SEO is not important for me. So I don’t really have any experience.


    Sure, read more here:

    My blog deals with a niche music theme so I’d be sorry to see people googling specifik key words not finding their way to the blog…


    Thanks for the link. I also found an official Google Webmaster blog post titled: Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations which says, Infinite scroll is not bad given some other things are taken care.

    Given WordPress is best in class, I tend to believe that search-friendly recommendations for infinite scroll are already taken care by

    However I tagged this post for staff’s attention for official confirmation.



    Hi there,

    The only official comment that can be made in how Google indexes your site is by Google themselves, so if you can find any commentary from one of their official blogs I would go off of that. However in general, keep in mind that infinite scroll is only a way of presenting your data. In fact each of your posts and pages are discrete with all of their own metadata. As such there shouldn’t be any issues with infinite scroll negatively impacting your SEO.

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