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  1. I have been offered a contract position to write a blog for a small business. I'm very excited about the opportunity. The catch is I have no idea what to charge per post. The woman is an auctioneer who I have worked with on events for years. Some blog posts would include my attending auctions which is fine b/c I am an auction junkie and others would be more educational. I am thinking one rate for an event based blog and one rate for non-event posts.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Help!

    Thanks, Maggie
    Blogger at Someone Fat Happened

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  3. Have you carefully read the advertising policy and are you aware of what can result in your blog being suspended?

    In addition to AdSense-type ads, please do not use the following services on your blog:
    Sponsored or paid posts, including PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and Smorty.
    Affiliate or referral links to the following domains: usercash, clickbank, clickhop, cashrocks, payingcash.
    Clicktrackers and any promotions of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising (i.e. MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.).
    Paid or sponsored post content is also prohibited.

    If you want to have a paid to post blog then you have to hire a web host, set up a install and move your content from your blog into it. vs

  4. I'm looking for input from writers on outside jobs. I don't want to break any rules I just don't know any other writing communities.


  5. I thought it was important for you to know what I posted above. It would have been a shock if you found that you had posted sponsored or paid content on a blog and then discovered your blog had been suspended.

  6. I REALLY appreciate it! I will not be posting paid content on here. The blog would be on the company's website. I just have no idea what to charge for that kind of service.

  7. I would try typing this search string into Google search and see what the results are:
    freelance writing paid website content how much to charge

  8. Thank you!

  9. You're welcome.

  10. I charge a minimum of $150 to liveblog an event, more for longer events and fee plus expenses for events involving travel.

    Just base it on what you usually charge for copywriting. I charge the same rate whether it goes on the web or on a printed page, but more for liveblogging because it's more technically complex and more draining.

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