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    I paid for and have been using the custom CSS feature of my website. Suddenly I know longer can update the CSS. What is the problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
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    Your Custom Design upgrade is active on the site, and you currently have custom CSS saved for the site.

    If you are having difficulties using the Custom Design features, please let me know.


    Yes, having difficulties. I cannot modify the CSS any longer. When I go to the CSS customization tab, the CSS is greyed out. I cannot access it either from the WP customization menu item or through the theme’s customization. I am not sure when this started occurring as I haven’t had a need to modify the CSS until recently.



    When I checked your account, on your Custom Design page, , this is what I see:

    The button is grey because you’ve already purchased the upgrade.

    Below that are the three boxes for Fonts, Colors and CSS. If you click on the Edit button on CSS, it will bring you to the Customizer to modify your CSS.

    If that Edit button is not working, please let me know what happens when you click on it.


    HI! When I originally posted this, the CSS panel to update the code was completely uneditable and the background color of the CSS box was black and the code grey and barely visible. Tonight when I opened it up, it was white and editable. Not sure what is going on, but I was able to add a line of code.



    I’m not sure what happened either, but if you continue to run into trouble with this, please let me know.


    BTW Thank you so much for taking time to look into my issue. :)



    You’re very welcome. Please keep me posted.

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