paid for “credits” to redirect . didn’t work, pay again?

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    Hi- I am an experienced website developer – I tried to change my name servers yesterday and even though I submitted the changes, the change failed.
    I paid for the ten credits yesterday – today I tried again, trying to get the domain name added and trying to get the name servers addresses- and I am told I have to pay again for the ten credits!
    who keeps track of this? who received my money and never recorded it anywhere? I have a record at paypal of the payment, but there seems be no history record in my dashboard….




    I am an experienced website developer

    So? Is there a reason why you’re telling us that? I’ve got 3 doctorates. Nice to meet you. You still didn’t give us any details though. ;)

    Best bet would be to send in an email to support at this domain since this is a money issue and we can’t help you here in the forums since we’re all volunteers here and none of use have backend access.

    Please remember to include teh details of teh transaction as well as the domain and the blog in question. It’ll save staff from having to ask.



    I wouldn’t expect instantaneous processing of the payment on the weekends, as staff take the weekends off (barring emergencies). But they should be back on in ten hours or so, so when they are, do send a Feedback.

    Do not pay twice.



    wow, such sarcasim- just a qualifier that I understand the basics of changing dns’s etc. – 3 doctorates, huh? envious

    The name server changes at the domain name account WERE successful. The domain name is still not pointing to my blog – domain name: blog:

    I tried for quite a while a couple of months ago to export/import the blog to the wordpress program on my server and there was some sort of file transfer issue that I couldn’t resolve. I figured that this would be the next best way to use this domain name.

    I paid the credit for adding a domain name last night, when prompted. There is no record that the domain name was added in the account. Is it possible this is becuase the name server change hadn’t gone in to effect on the domain name account?



    thanks raincoaster!
    I was thinking I might pay again until I checked and there is a record of the payment actually going through on paypal.

    Do they actually have to acknowlege the payment and then somehow manually add the domain name to the account? That would explain it.

    Who and how do I contact those who would be in possession of my money and might be able to make this happen? Not sure how to do this.



    Yes, somebody on WP’s end needs to actually tweak things here. You could send an email to support at wordpress dot com in the meantime and if they’re around they might get at that; solved it for another fellow yesterday, I believe.



    I see Custom CSS bought and used for the blog you mention.
    I don’t see domain mapping.


    On a side issue I clicked on your username and using a Firefox browser I see really messed up css.
    (1) The images placed side by side to form the header have narrow blue lines delineating them. Did you really want those to appear?
    (2) The entire header exceeds the header space size and it overflows into the background on the right hand side.
    (3) The lettering in the header is so close to the top that a small part of it is chopped off.
    (4) There are two strange black lines at right angles to each other that are appearing in the header that I don’t believe you want there.
    (5) I don’t know how to describe what has happened to your sidebar which is split into three now and overlapping the text. I sure as I can be that the way it looks now is not what you were aiming for.

    If you have another browser (I’m assuming the blog layout looks okay in the one you are using) then I would suggest you use it to view the blog and make css adjustments.



    thanks thistimethisspace –
    One of my kids wanted to mess around with css to help me with something -I just reset it to the design that header was made for –
    I never spent enough time learning CSS before leaving the business. I wanted my daughter to move the tags to the bottom of the posts rather than display them at the top.



    Thanks Mark – this is a problem because I paid for both the CSS upgrade and the domain name credits, and paypal has records of both purchases – I will contact the support email address and ask them to resolve this.

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