paid for css upgrade but no “buy” option available

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    hi, i bought a css upgrade with paypal about an hour ago, but when i look in the paid upgrades section, it says that i have ‘0 credits’ and there is no option to buy under “available upgrades”.

    does it take longer to process, say a day, or is there something odd going on?

    i have also noticed that there is a small hack in my dashboard with “<<<<<<< .mine” displaying at the top and a smiley face right down the bottom.

    many thanks in advance.



    The “mine” is a sign of work going on right now. Remember, is also an experimental service, so we live with the thrill of those experiments. Stay tuned and be patient. If it doesn’t happen within 24 hours, then contact them directly through the feedback link to make sure the upgrade purchase went through.



    lovelike – if you have a paypal receipt, send that in through feedback or support? We’ll get onto it then.



    The tiny smiley face is an indication that your blog stats are being tracked by sysadmin. Some of us refer it is as an “angie”



    thanks all for your replies, it just took a little while to setup.

    perhaps something should be noted about the time delay in the support documents?



    There shouldn’t be a time delay of any real length though.


    I need help I accidentally changed my CSS format and beacuse I wanted a certain picture for my blog and its title to go on top of it.

    Do I have to pay anything for modifying it or changing it, and just putting the URL site where I got the photo onto my blog.


    Please do help



    Not sure what exactly the issue is. I see your header fine on your blog. The Regulus theme will allow you to upload any image that you want for a header at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Custom header image.

    Hope this helps,

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