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Paid for NO ADS on my site, yet they remain.

  1. I paid 30.00 to have all ads removed. This is a poetry site and the ads cheapen the site. Yet I still see the ads on my site. Why? If I don't want my readers around the world to see these ads, why would I still tolerate them for ME to see on my blog??

    I paid for NO ADS on my site, and I DON"T WANT TO SEE THEM EITHER.

    Lady Nyo

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What type of ads are you seeing and where are they placed?

  3. Hi! They are financial 'gain' ads, credit card ads, and I see bed bug ads, etc. On the top over my header, and along the right side.

    This is ridiculous. If I don't want my readers to see this stuff, why would I want to see it? I find it obnoxious and demeaning to this poetry site, which, by the way, has mostly international readers, other poets. I paid 30.00 to remove these ads, and I don't want to see them either! LOL!

    WordPress has been great, until now. I don't know what to do, except to find another site IF wordpress doesn't remove these stinky ads from my own eyes. They are a distraction and franky....tacky.

    When I paid them 30.00 as they demanded, I expected the ads to be removed completely.

    Lady Nyo

  4. I've tagged this for a Staff reply. Please be patient while they get back to you.

    Also, most upgrades in general are on a per site per year basis. So if you didn't renew the upgrade, that may be the reason why ads are appearing. FWIW-I don't see a thing on the site you noted above.

  5. Hi Jennifer, thank you for replying to me and my complaint.

    No, you wouldn't see anything on my site. That is the REASON I paid 30.00 for taking the ads off...But they remain for ME to see on MY site.

    Go figure. I have loved WordPress until now, and this might seem like a small issue to WordPress...but I find it obnoxious. The poetry is serious and I am deeply involved with poetry groups around the world. In fact, I am a poetry editor besides a poetry publisher. To see my site gummed up with these ridiculous ads is an insult to me. So,
    I would expect them to 'go away' with the payment I just made yesterday to WordPress.

    I don't want to see them, and in fact they fly in the face of my anti-over-consuming philosophy. Something I write a lot about on my blog. Can you see how this would grate? It's a visual contradiction.

    It's just so tacky, and counterproductive to the visual of poetry and the art that goes with these pieces.

    I should not have to pay MORE money to have these removed from my blog. However, I haven't had much to complain about with WordPress until now, but this might be bigger than I knew. I'll ask my readers how they feel about unsolicited and objectionable ads appearing on their sites. I'll devote a blog entry to it soon.

    Thank you, though, for your concern. I would like to stay with WordPress, but I can't in good conscious do so when I feel it goes so much against the grain of what I present.

    Lady Nyo

  6. But they remain for ME to see on MY site.

    If you're seeing them on your site while you're logged in, they are probably not inserted by WP, especially if no one sees them but you.

  7. Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post it to your Media Library for Staff to have a look at? Come back here and let them know what the name of the file is.

    If as notawoodpecker said the only person seeing them is you, then you might find this post helpful:

  8. Also, you say

    "On the top over my header, "

    Do you mean above, or covering?

    I'm wondering if what you're seeing is a result of something in your browser.

  9. Ok! that is a possibility. I'll try that (screenshot) and post it to my Media Library for Staff.

    And thanks. right now the poetry crits are coming in and I have to return the favor. It will be a long two days, but I am thankful for the poets in the world...and there are a LOT of them.

    And thankful for the concern of WordPress and others with this annoying issue.

    Lady Nyo

  10. Ok...I think I have traced the problem down to something...some site called "Quantcast".

    I opted out and they said it was successful...but still the ads on the top (above my header) and also on the right side...remains.

    I don't know what more to do except try again and bring this up with my readers. I am sure that they have encountered this crap before.

    Thanks....I also tried the Tools, scroll down to INternet Options, etc....but it didn't work.

    Lady Nyo

  11. Quantcast is one of the services that we use to collect your stats.

    Would you please take a screenshot of the ad in question and upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard so we can help you?

  12. Ok, I'll try. I'm pretty new to computers but I'll make a dash of it.

    And thanks!

    Lady Nyo

  13. You'r welcome!

  14. Mac....I think I have bigger problems with my computer than some tacky ads...LOL!. I tried to upload GIMP....and then couldn't access the site. I was able to take a picture of "Goodgame Big Farm" with Print Screen, but didn't have the ability to upload it to GIMP....

    Soooo....I'm going to take my hard drive in to a shop and have them clean it out, whatever needs to be done.

    I'm constantly getting some stupid message from Internet Explorer that it has to close....sorry....and it is every time I use this site, which is all the time.

    So...I will just have to live with the tacky ads until I can get other things fixed on this 2007 program.

    Thank you so much, all here..for your suggestions and help. I'm going to do this this week because it's driving me crazy--- the slowness and the issues.

    Lady Nyo

  15. You need to save the image first, then go to Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard where you'll drag and drop the image file to upload it.

  16. oH! that sounds so much easier!

    I'll try that tomorrow.

    Thank you, Mac.

    Lady Nyo

  17. You're welcome!

  18. Hi, I am also having problems with ads. I don't know if they appear on my site, but my webpage is self-hosted and when I explore the site through dashboard, sometimes ads appear! As some content is against certain companies (e.g. tax avoiders) who appear as advertising at the bottom of the page, this seems hypocritical! Any suggestions please?

  19. Hi! I am so sorry you are having these ads appear. They do so on my blog...and they are hideous. Tummy fat, bad teeth! Quite the turnoff at breakfast!

    I don't know what, if any, solution there is for this. wordpress says they are their spam collector? site stats generator? I can't remember....but wordpress is involved in this, and the solutions I am sent from wordpress are more time consuming than worth it. I don't have time or the expertise to do what they say just for them to get a gander at what I am complaining about. So....I am living with it.

    Bless WordPress' little pointed heads....I am thankful for the blog and the snow on it. In the Deep South, we don't get much of that.

    Lady Nyo.......

  20. It's a little rich to blame WordPress for ads you've put on your own browser. Why not just disable the browser extension which is doing this?

    Ads that are self-hosted obviously are not part of's ads, and need to be at

  21. Why would I put ads on my browser?

    Thanks just stupid.

    Lady Nyo

  22. @ladynyo
    If the ads you see are found at the end of blog posts then what you are seeing is generated advertising. Look for the About These Ads link and click it to confirm that. does not use text enhance or text link ads or pop-up ads or links in comments. If you are seeing those then that’s a browser-ad-on issue, or in some cases, it’s from adware embedded into free games downloaded from the internet, or has been unwittingly picked up on an online shopping site. See here: Bloggers: Beware of Adware.

    If what you are seeing whenever you save or update a post or page is an automatically added code/script block at the end of posts and pages that you can’t delete then see here: Malware Targets Macs and Windows PCs

  23. Thank you!

    That all makes sense.

    I'm learning to live with it. Am publishing another book this spring, and these issues are annoying, but not crucial to the work.

    After paying the $30.00 to WordPress, there are no sitings of ads on my blog to my readers. Thankful for that!

    Lady Nyo

  24. I'm learning to live with it.

    Hi there,
    I'm glad I helped you make sense of this. I don't know why you would choose to live with adware on your browser that displays ads when you can be shed of it but the choice is yours to make. You're welcome .

  25. LOL!

    It's a simple issue of being stupid here....I don't know how to get rid of it~

    I'll have to ask a neighbor to do this. LOL!

    And thank you, again.

    Lady Nyo

  26. You're welcome.

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