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Paid for no ads, still have ads

  1. thomaschalfant

    I recently paid for the feature which was supposed to eliminate the ads showing up as sticky words in my blog posts. The ads are still there and are very obtrusive - the words are in a font color which can't be read against the background I use, and then when you hover over them with the cursor to illuminate them and read them, they produce a pop-up for some kind of Sushi video game. It completely disrupts the reader.

    So I paid the fee to get rid of all ads and they are still there. Does it take a while or something? The money cleared my account last week.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The best place to sort this out would be directly with Support

  3. Hi Jennifer!!

  4. "Sticky words"? I see no such thing when I visit the front page of your site.Looking again, are you sure you're not talking about a browser add on you might have? Alternatively, I'd check your computer for spyware/malware.

  5. ~~~@tsp!

    Does this sound familiar to you? I have a niggling memory of someone else with the "Sushi" problem.

  6. Good memory Jennifer!!!!

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