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Paid for NoAds but still see ads on my blog

  1. I paid to have the ads removed from my blog but they are still on there?
    Blog url:

  2. Is there any chance you've been accepted into the WordAds program?

    See this earlier forum discussion:

  3. I think so... now that you say that. What if I don't want them on there anymore?

  4. I write a plant-based food blog and there's Wendy's ads on my blog! ;-)

  5. I don't believe it is possible to adjust the ads appearing. You might want to read some of the threads in the WordAds forum.

    If you don't want the ads to appear, you should be able to pause them under Settings>WordAds.

    But IMHO you shouldn't have to pay for the No Ads upgrade if you want to run ads. Seems a bit counter-intuitive.

  6. I figured out how to turn them off in the WordAd settings, now to attempt to get my $30 back! Thank you!!!

  7. I'll tag this for Staff assistance, please be patient while they get back to you as there's a bit of a backlog.

  8. Er, after a rethink, if you've turned off the WordAds, then there's no reason to ask for a refund since you shouldn't be seeing any ads any longer on your site.

  9. And I can confirm that the ads I was seeing earlier on your site are now gone.

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