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Paid for Upgrade. Can't Save Changes

  1. I paid for an upgrade so that I can edit CSS, but in the "Edit CSS" tab, it still won't let me save my changes. Am I missing something?

    Thank you

  2. When you look at the Edit CSS tab, do you see a button labeled "Save Stylesheet" to the right of the Preview button?

    We have two threads about issues with Upgrades not going through yesterday. You may be number 3 to that list. Better send a feedback.

  3. This should be fixed.
    And yep - feedbacks for these...

  4. It took a few minutes, but the "Save stylesheet" button finally showed up. Thanks guys.

  5. I have the same Problem,
    I waited 3h and it still dont appears (the save stylesheet"-button!)

    also, on the upgrade-side isn`t shown, that i have bought this upgrade...
    but it was shown, after i got the upgrade.... (ends on 28.2.2008)

    now theres neither the possibility to get the uprade, or shown, that i have it already!!


  6. Please send in a feedback.

  7. I am having the same exact problem. I already sent a Feedback.

  8. Where can you see all the upgrades you've purchased?

  9. If you go to the same place you buy them: Admin - Upgrades you can scroll to the bottom of that page and see the ones that you have purchased.


  10. I stand corrected....that is the way it used to be before they upgraded that area again! I don't show the upgrades I have now, it just shows the ones that I don't.....


  11. i want to override existing style i have purchased for custom css upgrade and save style sheets also visible.

    But when i add new style and click on save stylesheets it is displaying the style saved but my site is not getting reflected with the change

  12. It's possible that there's a datacenter synching issue, and that the changes were saved but haven't been displayed yet because that's on a different server. Clear your cache and do a forced reload of the page to see if the changes have taken effect.

    Also, it's possible you're at the wrong forum. This one is for blogs hosted on; because there's no link to your blog on your name, it appears you should be over at, which is for blogs using WordPress software that are hosted elsewhere.

  13. my blog is hosted on i.e the domain redirection will take palce to

    I tried clear cache and refreshing the browser but with no use.

  14. Then I suggest that you send a Feedback. Sounds like a sometimes-on, sometimes-off bug that needs technical support from WordPress itself.

  15. Always reading the thread that you post in is a good idea as well. :)

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