Paid for videopress upgrade, but video posts have sound but no video

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    I have just paid for the videopress upgrade and have uploaded mp4 and wmv video files. I have inserted them in blogs with the wpvideo shortcode.

    However the videos don’t work in Firefox. All I get is the sound. The picture is white. However the videos work okay with a Chrome client.

    Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there a solution, or do I have to cancel my videopress upgrade?

    Here is a post with the video at the bottom:

    The strange thing is that when I go into dashboard and media and click to edit my videos, I see the videos and they play okay! But when I put them in a post they do not work in Firefox!

    This is my blog:

    The blog I need help with is


    If Firefox does not have html 5, then my issue may be a Flash issue (my Firefox must be trying to use the Flash option for videos)


    The wordpress training video here: does the same thing (above the point 1) . Sound but only a white picture shape. Seems to be the same issue in Firefox. This video uses flash and my flash is the latest for Firefox, Issue 11,5,502,110. My Firefox is issue 17.0.1


    I have found a part answer. I de-installed flash 11.5 and installed an old version of flash, version 10.3. The videos above now play as they should.

    However millions of web Firefox users all around the world will be using 11.5 so there needs to be a solution or wordpress sites won’t work for them.

    Unless there is something I have missed…..


    (later…) I found the solution!
    I did the suggestions by Adobe at
    In particular:
    “Disable the RealPlayer functionality, Downloading & Recording, if you are using Flash Player 11.3 on Mozilla Firefox.
    Ensure that you have the latest version of Flash Player (if you are using Chrome)
    Delete all Flash Player browsing data
    Remove Flash Player cache
    Disable Flash Player hardware acceleration”
    My play of wordpress videos is now working!
    I will let you know if things regress


    anybody there? I seem to be talking to myself

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