Paid to renew but blog still not back up?

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    Embarrassing…I missed renewing by like 12 hours so my blog “went away”…

    I paid. My dashboard says “expires May 2013”

    But my domain still doesn’t work.

    I don’t even know what questions to ask…my blog is gone. The free address doesn’t work either.


    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL for the underlying blog please?
    Where did you purchase the domain namefrom?
    If you did not purchase it through then you cannot renew it through You must got to wherever you purchased it from to renew the domain name.


    Purchased through wordpress last year.

    thank you.



    The domain expired on May 9 and is currently in redemption. This means that the domain is deactivated, but has not yet been fully released. During this time, you can still renew this domain, but the process is more complicated than a regular renewal.

    If you’d like to renew your ownership of this domain, you have several options:

    1) We can renew the domain for you through our registrar. This costs $98, which includes $18 for the domain and an additional cost of $80 for a late renewal. We have no control over this additional cost, as it is levied on us by our domain registrar.

    2) Try to register the domain through a domain back-ordering service, such as Pool (Registering starts at $60 with Pool)

    3) Wait until the domain is out of redemption and becomes available for registration again. Then, you can register it again for the regular price of $18. This would run the risk of the domain being registered by someone else before you, or the domain not being released for registration at all. The exact redemption period and the release of the domain are at the discretion of our domain registrar and we can’t control it.

    If you want to have the best chance of getting your domain back, your best bet would be the first option. If you choose this option, please reply to this thread letting us know. We will then send you a request for payment via PayPal and will contact our registrar on your behalf, asking to restore the domain.

    Please note that time is of the essence here. Because your domain is very close to being cancelled, it may no longer be possible to recover it. If you pay for renewal and we are unable to recover the domain, you will be fully refunded.


    Hmmm…thanks? I’m sure I didn’t see any fine print about this when I purchased my domain or at anytime during the renewal notificiations. That might have incited me to move to action a bit quicker….along with a “hey…if you don’t pay by midnight tonight your domain won’t work anymore”. And why wasn’t I notified of this at any time during the renewal process? My site just disappears?

    Maybe this is something I should have “just known” but some customer service besides hitting me with these fees and then telling me you have not control over it….not so helpful you know?

    I’m on a shoestring budget. I missed renewing by less than 24 hours.

    Isn’t there something you can offer me besides this?

    If not…then I guess I don’t have any choice do I?

    So – shoestring budget….when is the outside date I have to do the first option you mentioned of $98?


    1. when do I have to pay the $98 by?

    2. how do I initiate this?

    This shows up nowhere in my account ….and in fact my account says my domain is paid and valid until May 2013? Confusing to say the least so just forward details if you don’t mind.

    Thank you.



    We sent three emails prior to the domain’s expiration. One a month before, another two weeks, and the last two days.

    Once a domain expires, you lose ownership of it, and it becomes the property of our registrar partner and is handled from that point on at their discretion. Domains can be renewed for an extra fee (in this case an additional $80), awarded to back orders, auctioned off, returned to the public market, or held indefinitely.

    The domain expired on May 9, so the renewal was actually missed by over a month, it’s just that the domain stopped functioning today.

    At this point, I recommend paying the $98, but I can understand if you’d rather wait for it to be returned to the public market, if it is.



    The system allowed you to renew just the domain mapping a few days ago, which it shouldn’t have, as it’s really useless without the domain. That’s also why it showed as good through May 2013.

    I have refunded that charge.


    Yes. I understand that you sent renewal notices. I was not aware of the process or your policies. Like I said…this is shoestring budget and I had financial circumstances beyond my control. I paid as soon as I could…the fact that I never got a notice that said anything about losing my domain or it just vanishing…like I said..maybe I should have just known this but I didn’t so here we are. I got polite reminders and thought that was nice….I made payment as soon as I could and then it just shuts down? So thanks for refunding that.

    So – what is my next step?


    In other words…yes. I will take your advice and go with the first option you offered….please advice my next steps.


    Also…how do I access the free version?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question’s and advise how to do the first option you mentioned.



    I have sent a request for the funds to the email address on your account. Once paid, please reply with the receipt ID, and I’ll contact our registrar partner for the recovery.


    Thanks. I think I’ll wait to hear back via my request to tech support…I’ll respond later.


    I’m sorry….but I’m really uncomfortable with this. I want my blog back…but to send money to a complete stranger in a forum who is not affiliated that I can see with wordpress….I’m just thinking either this is a scam or wordpress needs to make you look more “real”.

    How can you prove to me that you are representing wordpress and I’m not getting scammed?



    macmanx is Staff. This is not a scam.



    The gray boxes and Gold Lettering denote staff with WordPress.COM – I am not at WordPress.COM and my name stuff looks like yours.

    Also any email you get from @macmanx will be from “” not gmail or some other group.



    The invoice was sent from our company PayPal account.

    As for me, you have my name up there, title of Happiness Engineer, and the grey background that only staff members get. You can also confirm at

    If you’d like to continue via email with our Upgrades department, I completely understand. They’ll reply to you as soon as they can.



    And to see the matching picture you need to know the secret “real” name “James Huff”


    Thank you timethief and auxclass…and macmanx

    Mac…I think I’ll wait to hear back from the upgrades department….I’m sorry…I’m just not comfortable with this…thank you for all your help.



    You’re welcome!

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