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Pain in the a** gallery

  1. I haven't done much updating on my photo gallery since I've been on WordPress, because it's always been difficult to use. I've always thought managing it was an overly complicated process. I finally started to try to update it a few days ago, and see that they've changed the process a little bit for the better, but after some searching fruitlessly for it, found one must follow this ritual of going to visual mode to find the edit gallery button. Now when I go to visual mode, it's completely different, with thumbnails of the images in it, and an add media button that puts the images in like regular photo posts. For f*cks sake. Anyone know how to get to the edit gallery button?

    Adding to my enjoyment, I went to the home page to look for a forum link to get help, but there are links on there like "find a fun blog" or some such silliness, no forum link. On the help page, I found a forum link but it took me to the forums. I finally found this forum on some support page. Please excuse my griping. There are lots of great things about WordPress but I don't like its often Rube Goldberg-esq nature.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is there any way to add to a gallery and have the thumbnail be aligned correctly ? With the new interface all of the options, none, left, center and right align with the columns of thumbnails already there.

  3. I found it. You have to click on the gallery thumbnails, which for some reason brings you to the bottom of the gallery. Then you've got to scroll up to the top of the gallery to find the little pencil-icon button, which takes you to the gallery editor. For the love of God, why not update the instructions at the same time the interface is updated. Sure, if the new interface was designed well enough to be intuitive that wouldn't be needed, but it's not designed well. What a waste of time.

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