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Painting Title competition

  1. pollocksthebollocks

    Sometimes, like every artist I have difficulties giving my paintings a title or I give it one and don’t like it. Pollocksthebollocks is offering you the chance to give one of his paintings a title and in exchange will award you with the painting which he will feature on his blog with an article about you. All you have to do is leave a comment about the painting below with a title, and the reason for choosing that title.

  2. Falling, Falling, Falling
    I see falling autumn leaves.

  3. Waaay more effective if you include a link to a blog post with a larger image. I can't tell if this is a closeup of a pointillist work or an expressionist watercolour.

  4. Sunshine Rain
    I love it! The colors are awesome :)

  5. Cranberry Poppyrain
    I see it as a delightful melange of the beautiful things in nature.

    @rain, or please link your blog to user name (in profile) so we can see more!

  6. Elegant Beach Moon

  7. Leopard from Atlantis

  8. @pollocksthebollocks
    Ahhh ... I found the other post here
    Does this mean that I can enter the competition twice?

  9. God forbid someone wants to do another competition three months later timethief. Are you going to put the modlook tag, which you say you've never done, on this post too timethief? Because all the staff is waiting for you to waste their time and modlook 2 out of the 3 posts on this forum every single day. Are you still trying to get the emails of staff and moderators so to bombard their inbox with forum matters questions? Because they don't have anything else better to do than to listen to you complain and whine about how the forum should be run. The forum that is none of your business.

  10. For god's sake, woman.

  11. This is not the place to take cheap shots back and forth at each other. I would appreciate it and so would the other members of this forum if you two would move on. This isn't the place!


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