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Pakistan not a valid country?

  1. I tried to purchase domain name through WordPress but when I select Pakistan I get an error regarding selecting a valid country. How can I resolve this issue?
    Blog url:

  2. There are only two payments options. They are major credit cards and PayPal from approved/supported countries only and Pakistan is not a supported country. See >

  3. Thank you for reply. Much appreciated !!

  4. You're welcome. I'm sorry it wasn't the answer you wanted to receive.

  5. I can only look at the screen sadly and continue with the same blogging as I used to do. It's definitely unfortunate that absence of Paypal has put so many online restrictions in these past few years.

  6. @wasioabbasi

    Just looked at your blog - you might consider using the "More Tag" to make your front page more friendly and easier to see the split between Posts - your front page is long and to me confusing

    Good luck with your blogging - I did pass your site on to some friends that like to learn about things outside the U.S.

  7. Interesting. Thank you for the suggestion auxclass. My previous theme had this style built-in but for some strange reason I felt like I am just trying to increase my hits on the blog by bringing in an unnecessary step.

    That is why I chose the current theme that displays many posts completely on the front page. But now that you pointed out (and some friends had also mentioned something similar in the past few months), I think it is time to implement this for easy viewing and reading.

    And thank you for referring. I hope your friends to get to know something worthwhile :)

  8. More better - thanks

    I only have two or three paragraphs max - enough that a visitor can see what the Post is about and click on it if they are interested - I have many how to do things types of Posts that have pictures - so I hide all but one picture - quick load time also helps your search engine stuff as long load times get you downgraded a bit

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