Need help? Check out our Support site, then is about to expire and i cant renew it

  1. Hi,

    I went there to renew but when i entered the credit card, i doesn't show my country listed in it? "Pakistan", neither do i see any option to pay via paypal.

    what should i do in this situation? this is urgent as my domain is set to expire soon and i need it badly.

    Ali Saeed

  2. There has been no content published here for years

    What is the URL of the domain starting with http:// that you refer to please?

  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    The URL is and


  4. has been designated as a "mature" blog, so only staff and moderators can see the link.

    Because I don't see why that is so:
    While you are logged, on your Admin bar (right hand side) is a drop-down menu.
    Click the "report this content link". Then click the "This content should be marked as mature" link and click again until you get the form to contact Staff.
    Finally tell the ToS Staff about your blog not containing mature content and being tagged "mature" in error.

  5. As for the problem paying for an upgrade:
    Buy a prepaid credit card from another country that is approved.

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