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panel/bloggstatistics page froze

  1. something strange happended today.

    My admin page "Panel/bloggstatistics"-page just froze. It havnt changed day in the diagram, it havnt changed any number or letter.

    The "blog stats" column keeps ticking visitors on the main web page,that seems in order. I still can post and change - from what i know - change any layout or setting at my web site.

    But the Panel/bloggstatistics page seems dead.

    What do i do to solv it?


  2. Is this a hosted blog? If not, in accordance with the Read Me First thread at the top of the forum, you need to be asking elsewhere.

    If it is a blog, please tell us your browser; if you can, try checking the stats page from Firefox, as that works best.

  3. of course its a wp-blog.

    My browser is explorer 6.0 (sp2 upgrade). I installed Firefox, and it actually helped!

    Thank you very much , and thanks for replying that fast

  4. There are two different kinds of WP blogs: and Are you hosted by and if so, what's the URL of the blog?

  5. Aha, thought u had all that info, hence why i wondered about the question.
    Here it is:

    Anyway it seems to be working niceley now.
    Scary incident though. The statistics page just stopped updating.

  6. The only way we (the volunteers) can know if you have a blog here is if you a) give us the link or b) link the blog to your user name in your profile.

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