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panic attack there

  1. can surf on wordpress blogs, cannot access mine. Nothing, no access to the dashboard. Complete anxiety eruption, heart attack and paranoia.

  2. thecuriousones

    I am having the same issue. Relax (I think)

  3. pfuiii thanks man, was quite a shock

    yours is back it seems :))

  4. thecuriousones

    I still can not access it but can access all othres? Strange?

  5. can you see mine? does it load?

  6. thecuriousones

    Yes, I can see yours

  7. my, that's weird. Okay, let's wait. Some issue beyond our reach i guess (at least beyond mine). Good to know there's no data loss. pfuiiiiii

  8. lifeonbarberridge

    Same here. I can't access my own blog, but I can access other blogs. When I try to log on I go to! Someone must have spilled coffee on the wrong button!! LOL

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  10. thecuriousones

    nosysnoop I can see yours fine, LOL

  11. I can see yours too. :) I need to blog about the Grammys tonight. ~sigh~

  12. Any offical word from our host? I also can not access my Blog at slnewkirk. but can see others (and obviously this forum!)


  13. thecuriousones, where did you get that template? I want it!! But it's not a choice on my blog. :(

  14. Praise the Blog, mine is back. If it's not the case for you, be patient, it will come soon.
    bye bye :)))

  15. Praise the Blog


    Have to remember that one....

    How about "Praise the Barger!" or "Praise the Merholz!"?


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