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    Hi, I don’t appear to have a theme options link on my left navigation under appearance for my blog. I was wondering why and what I would have to do to get that feature.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have this theme up on my test blog. The Paperpunch theme does not have a “Theme Options” page only some themes have one.
    It has two links [custom design] and [background] and that’s it.


    That’s strange because there is a YouTube tutorial of this blog with theme options.



    That tutorial is not for the version of the theme we have here at It’s for the version of the theme. When themes are adpated to run on this multiuser blogging platform not all features are included in the versions we have. Please do not use the information you find on the internet for Please see the two links I posted above as they pertain to our version of the theme.


    That is what I thought. Okay, well thank you for clearing that up.

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