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  1. Come and Parade with Weamer and Vital Viper everywherein clubpenguin and get drunk in other penguins igloos! just find us mainly on mammoth or frozen and PARADE!

  2. get drunk in other penguins igloos


  3. Is it a dirty metaphor?

  4. Weamer, go to Daschboard > My Profile

    And put the url of your site where it says Contact Info. Click Update Profile and now your name on the forum and when commenting on other blogs will be clickable. And you can promote your blog here:

  5. Tyhe blog was founded on November 21 but has only one post dated December 23rd.

    To get started you will need the brown pirate belt, and the colour brown of course. Next find Weamer or fano and dress in the costume i just told you. Then we will get a big gang of monkeys and go around Club Penguin stealling things!!!

  6. "stealling things!!!"
    Uh oh ... let's hope this doesn't end up in another support forum post over theft of copyright images or text.

  7. P.S. I did not "modlook" this thread.

  8. This sounds like an overdose of eggnog to moi. o-O

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