Paragraph breaks now work in Safari 3, but not in Firefox

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    In a rather bizarre twist of fate, Firefox Mac is no longer holding paragraph breaks (blank lines between paragraphs) but now Safari 3 is. If you use the<br /> between paragraphs (by switching to the code tab), it is stripped out when you click save, save and continue editing, or publish.

    I just did three test posts in Safari 3 and paragraph breaks are now holding when using the visual editor.

    Mac Firefox users if you are having this problem, try posting in Safari 3. It is no longer available from Apple as a separate download, but is included in the 10.4.11 upgrade. If you are using Safari 2.x, give it a try and see if it works. Since I no longer have Safari 2.x I cannot test it.


    I may have been a little premature as I just tried a fourth post in Safari and this time it did not hold the paragraph breaks.

    In Firefox, once I hit the save or save and continue button, the paragraph breaks disappear in the visual editor, but when I published the post they showed up on the blog.

    With others saying they are having paragraph break problems with Firefox, something appears to be kinked up somewhere.


    Trent or Mark, if you want to edit this so as not to confuse people, please do.


    OK I figured out why Safari worked. To test it I copied in some text from TextEdit (set in plain text mode) and when you do that, it brings in “webkit” coding which maintains the paragraph breaks. This is what it brings in between paragraphs:

    </div><div><br class="webkit-block-placeholder" /></div><div>
    The first /div and the last div are the ending and beginning div tags for the two paragraphs.

    This thread should probably be closed, or deleted to prevent confusion.

    Sorry, I thought I was onto something here.



    I think you are onto something :)
    There is definitely something funky going on but pinning it down is proving difficult.
    It’s on my list of things to try and figure out once I’ve caught up with work (it’s been really busy so apologies to everyone for the longer than normal response times).

    If anyone has any clues to the above, don’t be shy :)



    Safari and VE are just too funky with each other. Until WordPress announces a REAL fix (whether its done on their end or Tiny’s), I’m sticking to FF/Camino for editing.


    I’ve actually “hacked” the TinyMCE code on my local install of wordpress (on my home computer) and can now use Safari to do posts and pages without a hitch. Firefox still works as well. I’m now trying to determine if the hack will adversely effect any other browsers. Since it’s installed locally on my Mac, I can’t easily get to my local WP install from IE/XP.

    I’ve did a total of ten test posts this morning with Firefox and on three of them, they would not hold the paragraph breaks.

    Safari is back to it’s old tricks on and is stripping the breaks out.

    From the logs on the TinyMCE beta version at the TinyMCE site, they are making a lot of Safari-specific changes and fixes which leads me to believe the TinyMCE 3 version will be compatible with Safari 3.0.4 and later. They have said they will not work on Safari 2.x or before compatibility.


    {Grammatical faux pax} Should be “I’ve done…”



    Leopard has 3.0.x on it already, so I would imagine that figuring out a fix to have it working on that version will become a greater issue as time passes, so anything that you find out thesacredpath will be in the best interests of everyone here ;)



    What lead me to the hack was taking ishmeet’s tip about turning on the debug menu in Safari via Terminal and then setting the “user agent” to Firefox. That means that Safari answers all browser calls with “I am Firefox.” That was all it took to make Safari keep paragraph breaks. The visual editor text bounces around a little when you do a save, but other than that, no problems.

    That of course made me realize that somewhere in the code for TinyMCE there was quite possibly some specific “Safari hacks” that were causing the problem. Then I found a reference to a code hack online (also posted in the .org forum). It was a matter of removing a small bit of code that as I understand it activates the Safari-specific hacks. I know little about javascript other than how to spell it, but I made a copy of the file, made the mod and then tried it and sure enough, it worked.

    The thing is I don’t know what changes WP makes to the TinyMCE code, if any, to make it work with the multi-user version, so I have no idea whether it will work or not here. I’ll get something written up with it and post it on my test blog tonight so staff can see it. If you chat with Mark, let him know I’ll be putting it up.


    Wow, I’m in over my head here. I had been posting on my WordPress blog from a Dell with Windows Vista through Friday. Saturday, I switched to my new MacBook, and realized that my paragraph breaks are not holding. I have Safari 3.0.4.

    As I tried repeatedly to enter paragraph breaks, I somehow caused the type size to go giant. Tonite, Sunday, the paragraph breaks are still not holding. Bernie Hayden


    Download and use Firefox or Camino for now and you will not have any problems for the most part. Firefox seems a little less stable with WordPress than it was, but it is still the most stable.




    I noticed that using Tiny in Safari also adds lots of needless tag soup, like:
    <span style="font-style: italic" class="Apple-style-span">
    whereas in FF it’s simply "<i>"



    Am I lead to believe that the thousands (?) of Safari bloggers out there haven’t been putting in paragraph breaks sans complaint? Sigh… I started my blog (using safari) three days ago and figured there would be a fix that someone would have worked out for the rest of us ages ago. Thanks for trying at least. Guess I’ll Firefox it from now on.

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