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Paragraph Hanging Indents

  1. This problem may be more complex than I think it is, but how do I add the option of paragraphs with hanging indentation? I know that I can take care of it through tagging the post manually, but I'd like anyone writing a post to be able to select that paragraph format.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. It's not complex. In the html post editor, enclose the text between this:
    <p style="margin-left:.5in;text-indent:-.5in">
    and this:
    If you want a smaller amount of indentation, replace BOTH 5s with a smaller number.

  3. That should work perfectly. Thanks a million to the both of you.

  4. @panaghiotisadam

    Thanks a lot. I've add this to my "useful code text file" for future reference.

  5. @thesacredpath: You're welcome (I'm surprised there was something YOU could pick from me)!
    I don't think that piece of code is very useful, however: its only real use is for bibliography lists. Anyway, here's the reverse code, too (for indenting the first line of a paragraph):
    <p style="margin-left:.-5in;text-indent:.5in;">TEXT</p>

  6. @ panaghiotisadam, we can always learn something from someone else; no one has a corner on the knowledge market and I learn a lot from others here in the forums, just as everyone else does.

  7. I know, I know (and that's exactly the reason why I wander around in the forum myself - mostly learning, occasionally able to help). But you happen to be a lot more experienced than me, so I simply expressed my sincere reaction!

  8. Hi everyone,

    Thanks, panaghiotisadam; you're absolutely right. I was an idiot, though, for not specifying that I'd like to install a button in the toolbar, so that users can manage it fairly seamlessly. The blog's going to be used by a number of people who aren't HTML users. You're also right that it's a fairly useless function, but my group uses a lot of bibliographies, so there we are.

    Any suggestions, anyone?

    Thanks again.

  9. There is no way to add buttons or functions to the wordpress editor.

    You might be able to find an offline editor such as blogdesk, or windows live writer that will have this function built into it. Both are free downloads (windows only).

    For Mac, your real choices are either Ecto or Mars Edit, and neither of those are free, and neither include that functionality.

  10. Hi SP,

    Wow; I thought there'd be an addon out there that'd do that. Wasn't that an option on older versions?

    Thanks for getting back.

  11. Wait - are you hosted here at wordpress.COM? If you aren't, you're in the wrong forum. We don't do addons here. Head over to

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