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    I am wondering how I can change the paragraph letter color or always have the white background even when clicking on the title? The background color, we really want to keep, but it is hard for some readers to see the gray-silver letters. Any help would be great.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    Give this a try:

    .postarea p {
        color: white;

    You can replace “white” for the color name or color code you wish to use.


    Oh, just noticed “About” and “News” have different looks. The code I gave you will change the paragraph color for your “About” page only.

    The following code will make the background for your pages white:

    .postarea {
        background: white;
        margin: 48px 0;
        padding: 30px;

    I have figured it out, thank you for responding. I am now trying to change the color of the blog title and doing it like this:

    #header .blog-title a, #header .description { color: black; }

    don’t know if that will work, checking it now but if you have any suggestions that would be great! Thank you again.


    This CSS bit will change the color of the title:

    #header .site-title a {
        color: black;

    This other one will take care of the tagline:

    #header .site-description {
        color: black;

    The site title is good, its the blog title that is still the gray color that is hard to read. and what I tried didn’t work of course.


    Is there another code for the blog titles? with the paragraph color it was a mater of using:

    p { color: silver;
    and that changed the darker gray to a nice legible color, if I can get the title for the article the same that would be great.


    I got it with:

    H1 { color: black; } for anyone who has the same issue. Thanks again
    fabianapsimoes for the response.

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