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    I have tried everything but my blog will not add paragraphs. I think you should make it easier for those of us who do not know code to put in a simple space between paragraphs. I am considering switching due to this recurring problem. I even spent an hour searching online for an answer but nothing works. Help! And please post the answer to this somewhere obvious bec. if you search the net you will find MANY frustrated wordpress users with this same problem. Thank you very much!
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    The blog I need help with is



    Just make sure the Format tool (row 2 tool 1) is set to Paragraph.


    Thank you for your reply! I actually already had tried that and about 15 other solutions suggested on the net, but alas, it did not work for me.
    Finally I used the advice on this site:

    It worked! I hope WordPress will make it easier to do–it took me over an hour to find and try a solution and really one should be able to press a space bar to add space.
    Thank you again!



    You’re welcome.
    Sorry, the advice on that video is wrong and outdated: the br tag is used for a line break, not a paragraph break, and the suggested coding will disappear if you switch back to Visual.
    For a normal paragraph break you just press return in the visual editor (provided the Format tool is set to Paragraph, and provided there’s no coding that interferes with this).
    Please be more specific: are you referring to normal paragraph breaks (=one blank line between paragraphs) or to extra, additional, space between them? Also, link to a post you’re having problems with and point out where exactly you wanted to add space but you couldn’t.


    No disrespect but…the advice on this video worked and nothing else did. Others may find it helpful as well. Thanks!



    “Others may find it helpful as well.”
    Hopefully not: it’s a crude solution by an amateur, and as I already pointed out it gets stripped out if you switch to Visual.
    Others, less negative than you, can find correct, stable and adjustable solutions here:

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