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    For some reason while drafting a post today I have formatted it right (and how I usually do it) but when I preview the post my paragraph spacing is lost. I am using two clicks of ‘enter’ and usually that works but not today. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. As it is my preview looks awful and will be offputting to readers. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you writing in the visual editor or in the text/HTML editor?

    In the visual editor, select all the text in the post and from the style/format pulldown on the left side of the lower row of editor tools, select “Paragraph” and then save and preview.

    This most often happens when the editor gets set to “div” mode instead of “paragraph” and many times happens if you copy and paste from another program such as MS Word and the like.


    Thanks so much. That’s exactly what it was. Much appreciate the help. :-)


    You are welcome.

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