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    Why am I getting double spacing between paragraphs in Greyzed theme? I went through each and every Setting and nothing addresses paragraph spacing.

    The blog I need help with is



    You will get double spacing between paragraphs in every theme here of which I’m aware. The only way to avoid it is to hold the SHIFT key down when you hit Enter at the end of the paragraph.


    You need to provide a link to a post where this is happening. I just reviewed your posts on the main page and nothing is double spaced. There is standard paragraph spacing (one blank line between paragraphs). With a line height of 1.8em, it might appear as double spacing, but nothing on the main page is double spaced.



    Thanks guys. Shift/Enter seems to solve it.

    I did a test post Rich. The first line separation is using Shift/Enter. The second is just hitting Enter.

    If you look closely at the page there is a faint blue line in the greyzed theme. By single space and double space I’m counting the line spacing. I guess I didn’t communicate the issue very well.

    Just noticed there’s no auto-wrap feature either.


    Brad, the single blank line between paragraphs is the HTML standard for paragraph spacing. It can be adjusted via CSS, but in general that is what you get.

    Shift/enter produces what in the graphics design field is called a “soft” return. Basically if you use it at the end of every “paragraph” what you end up with is a single paragraph. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it can cause formatting issues with some things.


    This is just general sort of askew to the subject.

    From a page layout/graphics design perspective paragraph breaks are handled one of two ways. Either the first line of text is indented with no extra spacing between paragraphs or you give extra space between paragraphs. This lets the reader know where paragraphs start and stop and gives them a place to pause.

    Having no space between has its places such as with lists and such, but for general writing, you always want some indication where paragraphs start and end.

    [/end paragraphs 101]



    ((((SIGH)))) I was so hoping WordPress had things dumbed down further. To my level. I must spend more time in the tech room playing/learning and less time blogging. Rats.

    Was really hoping to avoid the “feels like work” thing.

    Thank you both.



    The easiest way to do that is to select a theme and just start typing. If you’re not a designer, don’t think you can improve on the existing designs. Maybe you’re inherently talented, moreso than the designers, but if you want to fart around with web design, get a Tumblr; might as well use it for web design, since nobody will read it anyway.

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