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Paragraph spacing problem.

  1. Morning all, I just joined WordPress this morning and imported my blogs from "Blogger". I posted a new blog a moment ago and the spacing has been acting kind of crazy. I have tried separating the html code with
    and typing in "'<p style="padding-top:14px;padding-bottom:12px;">TEXT HERE</p>"' as well, to no avail (did each solution separately). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    My blog address is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You'll find formatting here a LOT more limited than at Blogger. But that error shouldn't be happening: it means there's something odd going on in your code itself. Normally paragraphs are separated by a line, UNLESS you hold down the Shift key while hitting Enter, which makes things single-spaced. If all your entries are this way, you may have to ask for staff intervention via your Dashboard help button.

  3. Thanks for the reply, raincoaster. I became irritated with Blogger's formatting from trying to add paragraphs next to pictures or video on my blog with little success. I actually prefer WordsPress' aesthetics and layouts as well :-) I only need the ability to paragraph my blogs and add video/pictures....pretty basic.

    I went into the help section and read some of the tutorials. I highlighted my paragraphs, went to "Format" in the editing toolbar, and clicked "paragraph" for each paragraph and it fixed it all for me.

    The only thing I would consider tinkering with would be the fonts for my blog, or font size. I saw the "typekit fonts" tab, but does WordPress allow you to change the font/font size in the html editor? I haven't toyed with css/html in a few years so am quite rusty, but if that is an option I'm willing to do a little research again.

    Thank you!

  4. You can change font size in the html editor:

  5. Is that applicable in the title of the blog as well?

  6. No, titles would have to be changed via CSS.

  7. Oh ok, Not a huge deal. To edit CSS, you sign up & pay for that, yes?

  8. Yes. But you can use the free Preview to tinker and see if the changes you can make are worth anything to you.

  9. Sounds good, thank you both!

  10. When paragraph spacing disappears, this is typically because somehow the test in the editor is getting wrapped in div tags instead of paragraph tags. This is actually easy to correct.

    Open a post that has the issue in the editor, select all the text in the editor window and then from the "format" pulldown at the left end of the lower row of icons select "paragraph". That should fix the issue.

  11. In that first sentence that should read

    "...because somehow the *text* in the editor is getting wrapped..."

  12. Thank you, kindly :-)

  13. You're welcome and hope that did the trick for you.

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