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Paragraph spacing won't stay how I left it

  1. I set my paragraphs to have a certain spacing pattern, yet, when I clicked publish, all the formatting was wacky. Lines were bold that weren't supposed to be. Spaces were missing in some places, and there were extra spaces in others. So I went back and fixed it...and when I updated it some things were fixed but then new areas had wrong formatting. I've updated at least 10 times and it just doesn't seem to be holding my changes.
    The page I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The coding of the post is a mess. Did you copypaste from another source (such as Word)?

  3. Are you copying and pasting from Word (or other word-processing software)? You seem to have a lot of "junk" code which makes me this this is the case. If you want to work off-line in a word-processor-like program get WindowsLiveWriter. It's free and works well with

    If you must use a word processing program, then use the "Paste fro Word" button or "Paste as Plain Text" button on the visual editor:
    see #5 and #6 in that link.

    Word is a fine word processor, but it does a very poor job of formatting online.

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    @derawu: To correct the post, select all and click the "Remove Formatting" button; then select all, select Paragraph from the format tool (if it isn't already selected), switch the editor to Text and back to Visual; then turn the headings to bold again and click Update.

  6. It's possible that I did copy and paste from Word, although I don't remember. I followed your directions, justpi, and it looks fine now. Thank you!

  7. You're welcome. In the future, never paste from other sources directly into the Visual editor: use the buttons Tess suggested, or paste into the Text editor then switch to Visual for formatting.

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