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    I have gone through the FAQs and the forums, but I have yet to find a solution to my problem… I’m very sorry if I missed the answer somewhere. There has already been some discussion on this issue.

    I am trying to leave Blogger and start up on WP, but since I started at WP, I’ve been unable to get the right amount of spaces between paragraphs. I like to have a nice visible break in between lines, but no matter how I go about it (I’ve tried hitting enter any number of times, and then shift+enter, you name it!), the post always looks the same – no real separation between the lines. I know this seems trivial, but I can’t stand reading my posts when all the lines blend together. I don’t want to have to go back to Blogger!

    I’m using the “release” template. I have a PC, and I’ve tried this in both IE and Firefox. My blog is, and I’ve put up a single, frustrated post after spending a good five hours messing about with it.

    Whew. Sorry for the rant. I would just love to figure this one out.


    In the code tab, try putting<br /> on a separate line where you want the blank lines.


    I just tried it… Sadly, it still looks the same. :(



    Can you provide a link to your blog, so we can see? Different themes have different spacing, but in general restricts your spacing (unless you use the Code editor) to double spacing on Enter, single spacing if you hit Shift-Enter, and single spacing in normal typing circumstances. The way around that is to use code only.


    My blog is Nothing I do in the code, or with the different ways of hitting ‘enter’, seems to work.

    Is it possible that there is a problem with this template? I love the look, but if the spacing has a bug, I guess I would have to switch to something else.


    Ok, in the visual editor, open the post for editing then click on the image and it will highlight. Click on the image insert/edit icon (looks like a tree). In the vspace field put 10 and then click update. That should put 10 pixels spacing on the top and bottom of the image.


    PS, It’s waaaay past my bedtime over here… But I will check back first thing tomorrow to see if you have any suggestions. I’m not great at technical stuff, but I honestly don’t see why I can’t get a double space to work. It just seems strange!


    Thanks SP (I swear I’m on my way to bed now), but the problem is actually between paragraphs. See each sentence on the blog? I put 1-5 “enters” between each, and they all look the same.

    I also tried editing the code directly, and you get exactly the same text. Sorry for the confusion. The picture sucks too, but it’s the space between paragraphs that is really bugging me. :)


    SP: Your first suggestion is working!!! Thank you!!!



    You are very welcome and happy blogging.



    I encountered problems with a post on my blog. In the editor the space between paragraphs looks allright, but when published, there are many additional inappropriate empty lines. . Maybe due to the use of large pictures ?! Or text pasted from Word?! Please help me. I couldn’t fix it. Thanks in advance-

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