Paragraph Tags and Lag

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    I’m new to wordpress and there are two things I’ve noticed that bother me. One is lag when I type. I haven’t experienced this with other blogs and I’m not sure if it’s just a fact I’d have to accept or if there was something wrong. I mean when I type if I type fast or usually when I have to backspace it will lag and backspace too far. Is there anything I can do to fix this? The other thing that bothers me are the paragraph tags that are used. I see them for a brief second when the post or edit form loads, but I’m not able to remove them or place them. This bothers me because for some reason my lines end before they are word wrapped, cutting my sentences off before they reach the edge of blog post. I noticed that when I copied the text from the wordpress post page to microsoft word, there were gray spaces next to most of my words. I’m not sure what they were. The only way I found around my word wrap problem was to type the post in word and then paste it into wordpress.

    Are there solutions for these problems? It would go along way in making wordpress my favorite blog. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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