Paragraphs & carriage returns being ignored

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    Hi, I presume i’m doing something dumb! I’ve just started using the Hemmingway template and have added some text and some images but want to space things out a little.

    I’ve tried using both the visual editor to add more space and also added both
    and <p> tags directly to the HTML but when I view the post they seem to have no effect & when I go back to the source code they’ve disappeared – and yes I did save it before viewing it ;@).

    Any idea what’s happening?



    See here for codes that work.


    Thanks for that – I’ve now managed to format it correctly although it seems very buggy as a number of times I made changes using the visual editor and all the

    <p align=”none”> </p>

    entries that I had made in the HTML got converted to

    <p align=”none”></p>

    plus sometimes when I actually viewed the post the formatting was completely ignored (although could be some kind of caching issue I guess).

    Thanks again

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