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Parament Post box Sizes

  1. Hi I wondered if there was a way to make the boxes your "Pages" content are posed into a static size with the Parament theme? So where I have only a few lines has a bunch of space below it, and where I have extra content you have a scroll bar to see more?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I click on your username, it says, is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    We need a link to the site you are talking about.

  3. This would do it, but I would suggest not getting the minimum too high since it causes people to scroll more and that is never a good thing.

    .entry-content {
    min-height: 200px;
  4. Oh yeah I always forget that. It's private. Settings changed, you should be able to see it now, sorry. So basically I'm trying to get all the pages one static size (like "Home") and not smaller ("Contacts") or running on ("Our Team") if that is at all possible?

  5. Also, it's this site:

    Not the burgers one. I swear I clicked the right thing in the post options. Doing well haha

  6. That code doesn't appear to do it, sorry. Dropped it all the way to 10 and didn't see any change.

  7. Perhaps I misread. Are you talking about pages rather than posts?

  8. Yes so sorry. Pages is definitely what I meant.

  9. OK, the thing in like on the "projects" page, you have a whole bunch of empty paragraph tags below "coming soon" so nothing is going to shorten that page up except removing all the empty paragraph tags. I see a number of those in other pages as well - careers for one.

  10. Yes that was my make-shift solution before coming for help. Because what my goal is is to have every Pages-box flush with the bottom photo of the three photos on the right. Does that make sense? Sorry if I'm explaining it poorly.

    So I run into trouble with:
    A) Using paragraph spaces and sticking that gaudy footer logo at the bottom of the short posts is obviously inefficient, and the don't match up perfectly

    B) the "Our Team" page is actually too long (only one like that) and I wanted to make the content have a scroll bar rather than this awkwardly long box of content hanging down.

  11. K so using the code you gave me before and removing the paragraph spaces I have A) worked out now. Thank you so much!

    As far as B) goes - setting the Service page, the only one that is longer in content - is there a way to add a scroll bar so I can shorted it up to the same length as the others?

  12. I would suggest against having multiple scroll bars on a page. That confuses and irritates web users because they can get mixed up on the scoll bars and if you are using a scroll wheel and scrolling down a page and come upon a nested area with a scroll bar, then that area begins to scroll.

    Before you can work with the code above, you need to clean that stuff out of the pages. Then you can, by trial and error work with the following to get the minimum height to correspond with the bottom of the sidebar stuff. The pages that are longer, just let them run longer. This code targets pages only. Put it at the bottom of any CSS you already have in the CSS edit window.

    .page .entry-content {
    min-height: 200px;
  13. Oh, one other thing. No two browsers render things exactly the same, so all this futzing to get the bottom of the page content area aligned with the bottom of the last widget in the sidebar isn't going to happen for all visitors.

    Welcome to the web.

  14. Haha okay perfect. Thanks a bunch for your help!

  15. You are welcome.

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