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    Hello. Some problems/questions I hope you can help me with regarding PAINTINGS has been a unique page since the blog began. Now I want two child pages. I created two new pages and assigned each of them to the PAINTINGS parent page. 1) Although everything looks fine in the writing and editing mode, after I publish, I can’t see some of the images when I go to the site. There is a text place holder, but no image. Why might this be? 2) When I click on the PAINTINGS tab, is there supposed to be a drop-down menu with the two child pages (Landscape Paintings is one, and Still Life Paintings is the other)? Where to I go, what must I do to make that happen? Or, what is the navigation routine to get to Landscape Paintings and Still Life Paintings? **When you view all of it, you will see duplicate images because I didn’t want to “erase” the content of Paintings until I was sure the child pages were working right. P.S. I have read all the support material I could find. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    I have links in the text to the child pages, and if that’s the only way to navigate, then I’ll make sure the reader has enough instruction to click. But I still want to know why the images are not loading. Thank you.



    You seem to have some code errors in there.

    `title=”Shady Pair Beneath the Pali – 2007″ src=”../files/2009/08/shady-pair.jpg?w=225″‘

    See the problem? Instead of the full URL, you have only the last half of an image URL there. I have seen this issue before, and as far as I can tell it’s WP’s fault, not yours. Just go in to the Media Library, capture the FULL URL of the image, and put it in the right place in the code. Or you can just re-insert from the image library.


    Thank you for explaining the prob with the images. I’ve switched those pages to private until I can fix them. Now then, does anyone know if Freshy has drop down menu of the child pages when you click on the parent page tab?


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