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    I’m trying to create a new page (to go next to the “Home” page), but the drop-down menu under Parent Attributes won’t show up. Is there any way to fix this or am I doing something wrong? Ideally, I’d like to add TWO new pages, and I thought I knew how to do it, but maybe not! I’m also using the pressrow theme. Thank you in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    1. That drop down is for selecting an existing page as the parent of the page you’re creating or editing. If you’ve got no pages yet, there can be no parent dropdown.

    2. The header doesn’t display child pages. So if you want to have page tabs next to your Home link, you don’t need the parent dropdown anyway. To create new pages, you just go to Pages > Add New, fill in title and content, publish.


    Ah, thank you very much!


    You’re welcome!


    I also tried to make a page with solution an a “unter” page with 2010
    but the page 2010 is not showen.
    I can not read the text in 2010.

    What can I do about the problem?




    Have you tried placing the Pages widget in the sidebar?


    thx for the fast answer!

    I’m using the main buttons (Home,…)
    not the Sidebar.



    I’ll load my test blog with the Contempt theme like you have on your blog, and experiment to see what happens and then return here and let you know.



    Okay I created a “child” page (subpage) of my About page. Contempt displays only Pages and not sub-pages in the horizontal menu. I put the Pages widget in the sidebar and it displayed the sub-page so now we have come full circle. You will have to put the Pages widget in the sidebar if your want to provide reader access to sub-pages on that theme.



    but I want to make the page like this:
    When I roll over the register Allgemein, automaticly it roll down to Bezeichnungen and Zivilschutz.

    and so I want it also in my blog:
    That when I roll over Ergebnisse or Bilder, it should roll down;
    but there happens nothing


    In most wp.themes with top navigation, the header displays parent pages only, so if you need subpages you must activate the Pages widget (as timethief already said). If you want to have dropdowns to subpages, you must switch to iNove or Monochrome.


    thx a lot!


    Can I cange the graphik by the design iNove on the Headline (Volkslauf im Stadion)?


    You’re welcome.

    Unfortunately neither iNove nor Monochrome accept custom header images.


    you helped me a lot!!!!

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