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    I set out to try to make my category structure more logical. First I renamed the “music” category to “bands.” I then added “music” and “lyrics” as children under “art” Next I used the bulk edit feature to add “music” to every post that has “bands” associated with it. So far, so good. Now I want to remove the “bands” association from all of the same posts since it’s really just a “container” for the names of bands. But the bulk edit feature appears to only allow me to add categories and not remove them.

    I realize that I could simply delete the “bands” category, but I’m afraid of what will happen to that categories children. I still want the actual band names associated with the appropriate posts, just not the “bands” category.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    When you delete a parent category, its children become parent categories.



    Thanks panos. I guess that’s the best I could hope for.


    You can turn “bands” into a subcategory to “music”.



    They can be more than two deep? I wondered about that.

    BTW, trying to add a subcategory to an existing parent in the post editor doesn’t work properly. Whenever I add a post involving a new band (I went with “performers” in anticipation of the future), I end up having to fix the categories on that page afterwards.


    1. They can be as many levels deep as you wish.

    2. Indeed… (To clarify: when you try to add a new subcategory, not an already existing one.)



    Thanks again panos.

    On item 1: That opens up possibilities I hadn’t considered, but wonder how it would look in my Rant Cats drop down menu.

    On item 2: I meant that a problem occurs when I try to add a new category under an existing parent. For example, when I added “Marshall Tucker Band” as a new category, then selected “music” from the Parent drop down, and then pressed Add, I got a lot of yellow in the list of categories that wouldn’t go away. There also appeared to be unexplained category duplicates, and the other subcategories under “music” that I had selected (like “lyrics”) appeared to be no longer available. Realizing that something was wrong, I saved the draft, went to Post categories where I had to assign the correct parent to “Marshall Tucker Band,” and then re-opened the editor to re-select the missing “lyrics” sub-category and finished publishing the post. The problem wasn’t as bad as it appeared to be, but unnerving and annoying nevertheless.

    BTW, how does using subcategories affect searches?


    1. It would look ok, provided you don’t use very long names that would make the widget exceed the sidebar width.

    2. I didn’t get all that. When I tried to add a new sub, it was immediately added in the list – just wasn’t automatically ticked as well.

    3. Don’t know.



    Thanks. Not a prob I can’t work around.

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