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    So, I had had my page configured with ALL tabs to pages atop my site. It got crowded.

    So, I went in and set up two additional pages: “Galleries” (for photo galleries) and “Stories” (for short stories).

    Then, I went to the Edit Pages part of my Dashboard and placed all the photo galleries pages under the “Galleries”
    parent, and all stories under the “Stories” parent… updating each accordingly.

    When I checked my Home Page, wallah!, all those many separate page tabs were gone, leaving just a few tabs
    at the top, among them being the new “Galleries” and “Stories” tabs.

    . . . *but* . . . when I clicked on Galleries and Stories tabs . . . nada, nothing, zero, zilch: no links or references
    to the “child” pages.

    What’s with this? How to fix? This needs to be explained better on the Dashboard. If I (as it seems) missed a
    step, what step was it and how to correct?

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is



    Only a couple of themes display links to sub-pages (child pages) as a drop down and your theme, Pressrow is not one of them. If you place a Pages widget in the sidebar of your blog then there will be links to the sub-pages (child pages). You can also choose which ones to exclude from displaying. See >



    O.K., thanks. Sigh . . . I’ll put them all back up at the top.

    Thing is (not fussing at you here, just whoever configured this), on my Dashboard it SAYS that I can do parent/child pages and the “Edit” part of the Pages Dashboard SAYS that I can put one (or many) “child” pages underneath a parent page. So it’s the age-old frustration of “Don’t *tell* me I can do “x” if, in fact, I *can’t* do “x.”

    What format *will* allow me to do this? I like the “look” of Pressrow, but if I can find another format that has a similar look and configuration that *will* allow the parent/child thing, then I’ll change. Someone needs to put a big, red warning flag on Pressrow that says: “NOTE: Notwithstanding what your Edit Pages *say* you can do, in fact you canNOT put ‘child’ pages under a ‘parent’ page.” That was a big waste of time.





    You can place child pages under parent pages on any theme. However, each theme is different and on most themes the web designer did not include either the display of child page little links in the Page display area, or a dropdown display under parent page titles for child pages. there is no consistent format for wordpress themes. each designer makes his or her own choices. Simply put the Pages widget in the sidebar and exclude the parent pages from displaying when you configure the Pages widget and you have solved your problem.



    The only other theme that has a similar appearance to Pressrow is Cutline by the same designer but it also lacks what you want. If you don’t like that use the Pages widget choice then you can switch to a theme that has a dropdown display of child pages. (INove, Monochrome, Neutra, Sandbox)



    I’ll switch to one of those.

    It just seems like it should be a “normal” thing to have, say, 3 to 5 tabs at the top (or sidebar) of a blog and then be able to click on one of those tabs to get to all the “sub” pages. I only (so far) have about a half-dozen galleries and a half-dozen short stories, but what about those who may have a dozen galleries or 20 short stories? Seems that for most WordPress formats (if I’m understanding you correctly), once the top of the page got loaded down with all those separate tabs, well, it’d take up the whole page(!).

    Again, someone (whomever, I don’t know) might want to look at the Page Edits pages and correct the line that says:

    “For example, you could have an “About” page that has “Life Story” and “My Dog” pages under it. There are no limits to how deeply nested you can make pages.”

    . . . and even provides a function that *seems* to allow you to put a number of “child” pages under one “parent” page when, in fact, you can’t do that. It’s like saying, “When you drop by my house just let yourself in the side door. It’ll be unlocked and there’ll be a couple of brews in the fridge for you.” when, in fact, you get to the house and the side door’s locked and there’s no key under the mat.

    Anyway, thanks,




    If you feel Staff ought to edit and update the support documentation then here’s the link for contacting them.



    Thanks. I’ll write to them about that. They certainly *do* need to update/correct that. I wasted time and energy reconfiguring (per the page’s instructions/directions) only to find that, in fact, it doesn’t work “as advertised.”

    Thanks for the heads up on all that.




    You’re welcome.


    That doc is correct: it refers to page hierarchy, not to what you get in the header.

    The Support doc on pages says:
    “Pages appear in the Pages widget and in tabs/links across the top of SOME themes.”

    As timethief already explained, all themes (except Monotone) display parent and child pages pages via the Pages widget, some themes display parent pages in the header, a few themes display links to child pages on the parent itself, and a few recently introduced ones include dropdowns to child pages.

    Relevant lists here:

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