Parent page created is “not found”

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    hi everyone,

    I created the page at the following address

    as a parent page of

    For some reason, if I try to open it, a message appears:
    “Not Found.Apologies, but we were unable to find what you were looking for. Perhaps the search box will help.”

    This is quite strange. In my dashboard it appears as published…

    Can you please help? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    …and if I type in “contact form”, my page appears at

    …whatever have I done wrong?



    (the two posts above aladab and rawpatterns were created by the same person, sorry about any confusion, I was fixing my other blog).


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    Your contact form is ok. You can add a background, text, or an image above it so it doesn’t look like an empty white rectangle.

    Though I don’t think I’d have found it without the link you gave above.



    that’s the thing, if you go to and click on “feedback”, you don’t see the contact form. I can use the link you clicked on (where on earth did it come from, by the way), to link “feedback” to the form, but…

    …there seems to be an issue with creating parent pages at this blog, anyway, and I’d like to solve it. I’ve just created a test parent page:

    this page leads to Author Archives (???)


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    The parent pages will show as tabs in your header. and the only tab you have now is ‘author.’

    the structure of your link appears to indicate that ‘author’ is the parent of test

    When you edit a page, and you want that page to be a parent (with a navigation tab in your header) then choose under the attributes module :main page no parent

    Once you have some parent pages then you can add child pages.

    ok, I see you are getting it now with ‘thoughts’

    ‘essentials’ is a page in the blog (a parent page)
    ‘essential-recipes’ is a chile of ‘essentials’
    ‘dashi’ is a child of ‘essential’ recipes and a grandchild of ‘essentials’


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    Strategy 1:
    First set up the pages you want as parent pages. Then add child pages to the parents.

    Strategy 2:
    Set up all the pages you want. Once they’re set up, go back and edit them by assigning parent pages to the ones you want as sub-pages.



    Thanks 1tess for your help.

    There seems to be something weird. I created one parent+child page, and it worked (“thoughts” = parent page / “contact form” = child page). I then deleted them and re-created both. It works (please see blog).

    I deleted “author” and it’s child page (whatever it was called) and re-created both. You can visit “author”. If you try to go to though…



    It doesn’t really matter, as I don’t need to call that page “author”. But I’ll be leaving this page on for a short while, if anyone can figure out what the matter is. In short: = parent page (works) = child page (works) = parent page (works) = child page (doesn’t work: it should lead to contact form but it leads to some “author archives” page instead)


    That’s because you cannot have “author” at that point of the permalink. [BLOG_URL_HERE]/author/[USERNAME_HERE]/ is the permalink reserved for a dynamic page displaying all the posts of a blog author (there can be more than one); so and are links to the (nonexistent) posts of the (nonexistent) users “talks” and “test”. Go to the page editor for “Author”, click the Edit button you can see next to the permalink (below the title box), change the editable part of the permalink to anything except just “author”, click Save, click Update Page.


    Note: the permalink must be changed – the page title can remain “Author”.



    Got it. Thanks.

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