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    Hi, I’ve created a new page, which I’ve entitled “Photography” to go on my home page. I then created another page of photos, to sit within the parent page. But when I click on the Photography link nothing shows up.

    Am I doing something wrong? I just want a lot of pages of photographs, to appear after the main section header is clicked. Can this be done?

    I’d appreciate your help, thank you.



    If you put your pages widget into your sidebar then the sub page link will display there. Click it and Voila! (I just changed the theme in my test blog to Rounded and tried it.)



    Thanks so much for your help timethief, as always! It worked! But now, how do I take off the empty link “photography” off the top?! thanks



    Hi there,
    Because “Himalayan Highs” is a sub-page of your “Photography” page if you delete page then you will defeat your purpose. Don’t do it.

    (1) May I suggest that your Photography page could have images uploaded onto it?
    (2) Alternatively your Photography page could become an index page that lists the links to your sub-pages like “Himalayan Highs” with photographs on them.
    (3) Just so you know for the future here’s how to delete an unwanted page.
    -> Dashboard -> Manage – Pages
    You will now see all pages and sub-pages displayed. Locate the page or sub-page you want to jettison and click “delete”.

    Most importantly I can see that you are not optimizing and pre-sizing your photos in a program like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop before you upload them. Therefore I am seeing very large images that are too wide for the frame of your blog overflowing the frame. This thread provides the maximum sizes for images in each theme’s blogging space.
    This thread is about image optimization

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