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    I have switched a few pages to be attached to a different parent page rather than the main page. For example, the “About us” page on my blog is now the parent page to “Donate” and “History”. However, when you click “About us” you only get that one page. Where did the other two pages go???



    I have looked at your blog and see you have the Blix theme. I also see that the sub-page “Donate” you have created is displaying as a page (see your other page tabs at the bottom of your header) but I cannot see “History”. Is it possible that history is a draft that got “saved” rather than being “published”? Look here -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Pages
    If you see it there click “edit” and then it will open. Once you’re in it click “publish”.

    Also if you can’t see “Donate” and I can then you may need to force clear your browser and clean out the cache.
    Windows (IE or FF) ctrl F5
    Mac Cmd-Shift-R in FF
    Linux F5

    In other themes like Regulus the title links to the sub pages would display in the sidebar. This is what the forum search box had on Blix

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