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    I created a parent page and created 3 child pages assigned to that parent page. The child pages are visible when I click on pages from the sidebar however they do not show up when I click on/hover over the parent page they are assigned to. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    I also have this problem and upon further reading, I find that some tempates have this capability and others do not. The template I am using is Vigilance, not sure which you use. To get around this, I have had to add the child links to my Links folder and display them on the widget. They are seen as a general link but open up the appropriate child page. Not clean but works for what I am doing….see here: .


    Thank you, your site looks very good. I was hoping to create a dropdown box from the parent to the child but it seems that most templates are incapable of this, i will try to technique you have used, it may work for the site I am creating. I am using Blix template and it is supposed to have the custom design features but just not working…thank you


    Some themes display dropdowns to child pages in their regular top menu and some don’t – see here:

    But all themes with a top menu can display dropdowns if you create and activate a custom menu – see here:

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