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    on my page i used to have two of my pages “sometimes we’re cute” and “things we love” be on a drop down menu from the “about”
    basically the about was the parent and the other two were the child pages… I’m not sure what happened cause it was right and how i wanted it but now it won’t do it again :( help

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello, if you edit your menu…

    … you’ll probably find that your child page “blocks” are positioned directly under the About page block. You need to just drag them to the right a bit, so that when you drop them, there’s a little indent. If you’ve done it right, the words
    sub item
    will appear on the block :-)

    Do this for both, save the menu and it should be problem solved. Let me know!



    Whoops, the formatting of my last post went a little strange, hope you can read it ok.


    We are having the same problem. Is there any video tutorial available?
    Thanks in advance,



    Hello, I’ve found a video tutorial on YouTube for you. It’s how to setup a custom menu on WordPress. Near the end, at about 2.20, they make one of the menu items a sub-item, and then show you the result:

    Hope this helps — let me know :-)


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    Please note that while that specific video may apply for editing menus here on WordPress.COM, it was made for WordPress.ORG. is not the same as! Some of the differences will mean that most of the YouTube videos about using will not work on

    It’s important to realize that nearly all of the video tutorials on YouTube are for The most accurate place to find help with our platform is here:

    Here is the support documentation about custom menus:
    And here is an article about custom menus on with more information:

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