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Parenting and Life

  1. About Me

    I'm an East End of London based freelance writer, who also happens to be a stay-at-home-MOTHER to a tinkerous toddler daughter and WIFE to a borderline workaholic husband. But first and foremost, I am ME. Something I have to stop and remind myself of every now and then.

    About MotherWifeMe

    The MotherWifeMe blog is my little bit of 'ME time’. It allows me to flex my digits meaningfully across my beloved Mac keyboard and chunter on about the stuff that matters to me. All MotherWifeMe subjects relate in some way to being a mother (enough of the caps already, I think you get it!), wife or a, ahem, me. Most of my posts come with a dollop of humour, though some are more somber. Hopefully all are, to a degree, thought provoking.

    I hope you enjoy reading my musings and ramblings, as much as I enjoy typing them.

    The blog I need help with is

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