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    A look into the typical day of a working mother (humorous)

    The blog I need help with is


    What do I look like? A girl scout troop leader? No!

    Parenting post


    Is your child going through puberty? Might want to check out this post.

  4. Travel Tips to Washington D.C. 2012


    Humorous post about my miniature poodle "Bella."


    A full self-make over day with specific advice for making yourself feel and look better!

  7. Is your marriage healthy?

    This post can help you determine if you are in a healthy relationship.

  8. Do you have a parent or grandparent with dementia? Have you recently lost someone? Have you recently divorced or seperated from someone?

    Please read this post:

  9. Humorous blog about rants I usually keep to myself. For example: Why do people go shopping braless?

  10. What have words done for you lately?

    A look at the power of words.

  11. A look into why the job market is horrible.

    This post is called "Employers - you suck"

  12. This is a beautiful slideshow of all of the blooming flowers in my flower bed and in my neighbors yard. They are georgeous!!

    This slideshow is very relaxing.

  13. New Look, Added Blogroll, Added Photos, Changed Background and Header & Added Categories, finally.

    Please let me know if you like this new look or not? Feedback appreciated!

    Also, here is an interesting fact about men! :)


    I must be really behind. Did you know a person can send a text message to another person that looks like it is from your cell phone? Someone did that to me on Mother's Day to my very own Mother! It is called "Spoofing."

  15. GMail now has (SMS) text messaging capability to cell phones in the chat section of Gmail. However, did you know someone can send a text or e-mail usiing a fake Gmail account very easily, that looks like the e-mail or text is from your cell phone? It happened to me on Mother's Day.

    Here is how:

  16. Has anyone ever heard the term "air-hacking?" I had never heard of it until my cell phone provider explained how it works. It is crazy!


  17. Are you wondering if you boyfriend or fiance' is ever going to actually marry you?

  18. Are you wondering which bills to pay first, or need more money?

  19. Headless Mother's Day Gifts

    Warning: This post may gross you out!

  20. Hello everyone:

    I am looking for a Blog to put on my "Blogroll" on my homepage. This means you will get more traffic. I have been looking over several blogs, but cannot find one that fits the criteria. So, if you would like to be on my homepage, in the blogroll. Please leave a comment and let me know.

    Here is the criteria:
    -Blog must be rated PG-13/ no cursing in the blog
    -I love photo, journals or just plain well written blogs
    -Blog that is low on traffic/I like helping others to get traffic on their blog (maybe a new blogger?)
    -Writing must be pretty good, I mean at least to where others can easily understand your posts.
    -No religious or political blogs (I don't like arguing on my blog all day)

    I have a few blogs in mind, but they all are getting a ton of traffic, and I would love to help out a new blogger to make some new friends on

    If you want me to check out your blog, please either leave a comment here or on my blog.


  21. New Post:

    What is worse than the Cocaine epidemic of the 90's?

  22. Did you grow up in the 1980's? Do you remember listening to records or 8 track tapes? Do you remember how noone wore seat belts?

    What life was llike growing up in the 80's:

    Basically, everyone was always drunk. :)

  23. Beautiful photographs of my freshly bloomed Lillies!

  24. Live video and photo's of my neighbor's house burning down.

    The police apprehended the arsonist.

  25. foranadventure

    Saw you were looking for a new blog(ger) a little while ago. In case you are still looking, I just started one. My wife and I are 24 year olds from Tennessee about to move to Costa Rica to teach for two years. Let me know what you think!

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