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Partial RSS feeds

  1. Hi everyone,

    Have searched for this on FAQ and Forums using a variety of terms, but sorry if the answer is elsewhere and I just didn't find it.

    Currently, my blog outputs full RSS feeds. How do I set it so that it only ouputs partial RSS feeds (i.e. it cuts the post off after a few sentences so the user must come to my site to read the rest)?

    Thansk very much :-)


  2. => Dashboard => Options => Reading => scroll down to:

    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: posts
    For each article, show:
    Full text

    Note: If you use the <--more--> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.

    Choose summary rather than full text and click "update options"

  3. Thanks... I tried that but it didn't do anything. With a bit more experimentation, I've found out that it'd because my posts are too short and it only cuts off the posts after a few lines. Is there a way to manually force the RSS feed to cut off at a certain point? What's the <--more--> feature it talks about?


  4. Using that feature should cut off your posts on the feed at the MORE point, but if your posts are indeed that short it will look like a ploy to readers to just cynically up pageviews, whether or not that's what it is. Remember that feed readers are counted as well, just on a different page. It's not as if they're not driving hits in their own way.

  5. @grintoul
    The only choices you have are the <!--more--> tag and <!--nextpage--> tag. The latter is a wordpress tag similar to the <!--more--> tag, except that the codex says it can be used any number of times in a post and each will insert a "break" and paginate the post in that location.
    I believe this post maybe of help to you. It explains the use of the <!--more-->' tag, the <!--nextpage-->` and the optional excerpt field.

    I would also like to ask you to please use the forum search box in the future. It's your friend. :)

  6. Great, thanks for your replies.

    raincoaster - It is basically to get users to my site, but not for pagecounts. At the moment I syndicate into Facebook, which imports it into a separate format called a "note". However many people read the note, it only counts as one feed read so I have no way of knowing how big my audience is. By forcing people on Facebook to click the link to my blog, I can get an idea of how many people read the posts. Only thing is, it might irritate people who don't use Facebook to read it so I'm not quite sure what I'l do yet.

    timethief - Thanks for this, will give them a go on my test blog and then decide what to do. I did a search on the FAQs, Forums and Google but didn't get anything useful - was maybe searching for the wrong stuff.

    Thanks again,

  7. You're welcome. :)

  8. Just a quick update FYI - I've come up with a workaround.

    I've kept my WordPress feed as a full feed. However, I made a custom feed using which allowed me to create a second, partial feed for use only with Facebook. This way, Facebook users get a partial feed and so must come to my blog to read posts, but everyone else can read the full feed.

  9. hi grintoul...i was wondering if you can show me how you created a partial feed on feedjumbler. i would like to do the same as well but i'm not exactly sure how to approach it. thanks!

  10. Heh, sounds like you're not a fan of facebookers!

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