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Partnering with Nokia Lifeblog?

  1. You may know all about this already, but I just got one of those new Nokia phones with Lifeblog on it, and I must say I'm using it quite a bit more than I thought I would. Then I read more about it on Nokia's site, and found out that TypePad partners with them, but apparently "anyone can make their blog service compatible with [their] software." At the very bottom of this page,,71754,00.html

    is more info, plus a document, "Lifeblog Posting Protocol Specification".

    I know you guys are working on all kinds of other stuff, but this would be a really cool addition--Nokia is rolling out a lot more phones like this, and especially the N73 has turned out to be a damn nice phone. And no, I don't work for them.

  2. You may want to try it with your phone. Typepad actually uses the MovableType API which WordPress also uses although I don't know if this is the case here. It may work. Point at http: // (space added to get the URL to show up) and see if you can post.

  3. Hmm. Tried it and it didn't seem to work...In account settings on my phone it gives me this as a default for "Server address": http ://

  4. too bad - it sounded so promising

  5. Can you edit the default address to http ://

  6. I did, but it didn't work--I just thought the Typepad default would offer a clue as to what it was looking for--some kind of Atom feed?

  7. Hi Veltis, I have a Nokia phone as well.

    I wouldn't bother with Lifeblog. You have to pay for it after 250 posts or something.

    Here a list to a wonderful rant by the Lifeblog developer about how Lifeblog isn't (primarily) a blogging application:

    You can read my write-up here about Lifeblog and my phone:

  8. Atom is for getting information out of a blog. Strange that it doesn't work since Typepad uses the MovableType API since it was created by the same company.

  9. It seems to be totally free of charge if you've got an N-series phone--at least that's what it says on the Lifeblog site now. What does cost money though, is Typepad! Minimum of $5 a month for 100MB of storage. Which actually brings up the question, what's our WordPress storage limit?

    I'm interested in LifeBlog primarily as a way to keep my family informed as to my whereabouts and goings-on; if I send one text message to one of them, I could send that and the related picture to the blog and they could all see it. Cheaper than a mass MMS, more convenient than a postcard. Unlike the sensitive teenagers someone mentions to Ivan, I don't really have major secrets left... ;)

    I will check out Shozu, though.

  10. 25 megs and it's answered in the FAQ sticky. :)

    Typepad is a commerical outfit run by who also do Movable Type

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