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    I have twice now posted a new post I have and pieces are missing. It cuts the introduction paragraph, three pictures. Then it gives the fourth picture, cuts more text and jumps ahead to later text. What is happening? Is there a limit on photos, text, both? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you get a question mark in photos place? If you do then you need to go into your Internet browser and get rid of cookies etc. I got very frustrated about this and now having got rid of about 800 website cookies I don’t get the problem any more. Hope this helps :)


    No unfortunately it is just all gone, just poof and no more.


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    Have you checked your “Revisions” module?

    A good practice is to publish your post privately until you are finished with it and then edit it to become public. Many have noted that saving drafts sometimes makes for lost posts. It is a problem of long standing and staff is aware of it, though the issue has not yet been solved.


    Let me ask though, is there a limit to the number of pictures or words on a given post? I don’t hit the save, though it does it automatically. But I am or was trying to post several (12 photos, 1 video) in this particular entry.


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    Oh, you should be saving early and often. I would not rely on the auto save!! Especially if you have not manually saved at least once. In fact, I make it a practice to copy all (in the text editor) before saving. Auto-save is not reliable.

    There is no limit to the number of photos in a post.

    Especially if the pics are properly compressed for the web (under 50 kg each), they should load quickly. If they are huge files and take a long time to load, most readers will leave your site rather than wait for them to load.


    Well, Honestly this is starting to get on my nerves. Okay, don’t rely on auto save, photos are your, or that program you have’s, recommendations, restoring did NOT help. It just kept changing everything to an older completely unrelated post (except for the word art in the title, etc.)


    Okay, I got back to the finished. But when I update it that is when it drops pieces of my work, the beginning and the end. So how do I publish it now?? Also how do I save myself rather than auto-save. Sure I am missing it, but I don’t see an option.


    I lied I didn’t get it back. Just a different part disappeared.


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    Are you posting from your dashboard, not the quick post option?
    Are you using Word or a similar word-processing program to write your posts?

    You should be able to save your drafts in the “Publish” module where it says “Save Draft.”


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    You’d save your revisions via the “save draft” function of the “Publish” module.

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