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pass word sign in disappeared

  1. velvetmountains

    I am unable to get the pass word log in back on the one password protected page in my site. It is the residents page. It says it is protected but there is no where to put the password in. It was there earlier today. I have tried and tried to fix it. Can you help me?

    I am not sure where to look for the answer from you as I am very new. So I will look in the forums and my email.
    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Password protect a page > The Visibility area of the Publish module gives you the option to make a page public, password protected, or completely private.

  3. Note if you want to view what the people who you give the password to see then log out of, clear your browser cache and cookies, and then view the page when you are logged out and are only a vistor to the blog and page.

  4. velvetmountains

    I have cleared all my cookies. I then went to google and pulled up my site. There is still no where for anybody to enter a password . It is the residents page. It says it is protected but there is no way to put a password in. Help

  5. Yes there is and I do see it using Firefox 9.0.1

    Protected: Residents
    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


    If you have an outdated browser version please upgrade it here. If you have another browser then please try using it. Exactly what browser and version of it are you using please?

  6. velvetmountains

    I upgraded my browser to internet explorer 9. I then logged out. Went to google to get to my site. Looked at the resident page and I still do not see a place to put a password in. ??? I have tried it logged in and logged out when visting from google.
    What should I do next? Could it possibly be because I have not put any residents on the page yet. I want to make sure the password protect works because it will have names and numbers.
    Thank you a lot timethief

  7. Why did you go in from Google? Go just directly to the page.

  8. velvetmountains

    I went to google to go to my site because timethief told me to go as a visitor. I have been to the page logged in and as a visitor but I still do not have a place to put a password in to get in the resident page. I have it protected for the residents privacy. But I can not get in

  9. velvetmountains

    raincoaster, are you still there? Did you see my last post? I went and looked again, but the place to login is not there. I then just put some typing in to see if that made any difference. It did not. When I went to the resident page, protected showed but the sentence i typed also showed up. No where to sign in with a password but the protectect wasn't working either because it showed me what i had typed. i then erased the sentence and updated again but still no place to put a password.

  10. What we actually need is a direct link starting with http://
    to the page or post you are talking about.

    Without that, we volunteers really cannot see specific details about what you are asking about.

  11. velvetmountains

  12. velvetmountains

    It is the residents page

  13. It is working fine. When I go there I see

    Protected: Residents
    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


    What you're seeing is your browser remembering what you typed before. Nobody else sees that. It is working fine. Nice looking blog.

  14. velvetmountains

    Thank you for all your work tonight. But I am in my site as i am typing and when i just when and looked, at the resident page, there is still no place to put a password in . So I have no idea what to do next. Maybe tomorrow. I really like wordpress a lot. I just can't understand why you can see a place to log in but I can't. If you think of anything tonight just send me an email and I will do the appropriate thing tomorrow.
    Thanks again. Glad you thought my site was nice. Still have a long way go.
    Good nite for now.

  15. You already put your password in, and your computer and WP remember that, so when you go to the page it's automatically filled out for you. People who haven't signed in see the box to put the password in.

  16. velvetmountains

    Oh , so does that mean that since I signed in earlier today using the password, i will not need to sign in ever again with the password. And, would that also mean after each separate resident ( about 70) signs in , they won't see the password to enter again either? If so, that would mean that wordpress recognizes that computer when they come online. Is that right?

  17. Your computer will periodically delete the information you typed in; how often depends on the settings. But yes, if the readers have their computers set to remember then they won't have to retype it.

  18. velvetmountains

    How interesting. What setting do I need to set for my computer to remember. Would it be over where my virus control might remember passwords? I am really learning a lot from wordpress tonight.

    Thanks again. I must say the support here is outstanding!!!

  19. Yes, it's in the internet settings. I recommend you set it to clear cookies and history every time, but that's kind of extreme.

  20. velvetmountains

    I appreciate your recommendation. I will set my computer like that. I think it is a good idea.

    Thanks to all of you again so much.

    Good nite.

  21. You're welcome.

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