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Passing Thoughts

  1. I have been drinking so the thought of a kebab stuffed with pistachio nuts and cheese and onion crisps is filling me with delight at the moment.

  2. Holy F$#@! I need to cut my Cat's Claws, he just toar my arm up

  3. "Mate can I buy a cigarette off you for a pound?"

    "Why yes, yes you bloody well can"


  4. 'Maybe the X-ray screen keeps it from getting dark,
    ... the bulb burns out when it gets too hot'

  5. I must put a bogroll in my blog.

  6. My best friend was on the BBC 10'o'clock news last night! As the report on the occupation of the London Stock Exchange was concluding, they ended with a picture of him looking all steely and determined. So proud!

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